Sunday, July 27, 2008

Vintage Timpanogos

Some of my plans for the Year of Timpanogos have been derailed by the harsh realities of life, but while I was poking through old photos, I found a few vintage shots of hikes on Timpanogos.  I scanned several and thought I'd post a few.

Most of these are from the early 90s and they include such illustrious fellow hikers as:  Amy Adams, Andy Anderson, Austin Gray, Brett Yadon, Lori Adams, Paul Jaussi, Rick Herlevi and Stephan Jusinski.

Hiking the Aspen Grove Trail in November of 1991.

Two Swedes on Timp in March of 1992.

Sliding down the snow field toward Emerald Lake.

A refreshing dip in Emerald Lake.

Sleeping over on the saddle between Baldy and Timp, before a trip up the front.

Sitting at the summit early one year.

Mountain goats near the ridge line.

Spending the night at the summit.

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