Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cruel Fate

Today I found this in Thirsty Bob's inbox:
My dear friend

You are the man with whom I want to go to the edge of the Earth, to share the last piece of bread, to live in hovel because I feel that you are a part of my soul, of my lonely soul which is looking for its second half.
I am romantic nature; I am very sensitive and devoted. You will find true family happiness with me, you will have the most beautiful and happiest children with me and you will never know quarrels and wars in family with me.
How you know, you may ask. It is very simple.
I am sincere and I have no reasons to deceive you now.
I don't deceive you, because if I do it, I will deceive myself and will lose my happiness: happiness to be happy with you.
If you want your dreams about true love to come true, I will wait for your reply [URL withheld to protect the innocent].
You may not answer right now, it is your destiny and I will wait for your letter as much as it necessary.
Irinka P
Tears fell on my keyboard as I thought of this poor sensitive and devoted girl whose dreams about true love will never come true because the cruel hand of fate gave the second half of her soul, of her lonely soul, to a fictional internet persona.


Zina said...

You're not planning to reply? How can you walk away from that kind of devotion? (You know you'll never find it closer to home.)

Bob said...

You kidding?
1- a guy doesn't make moves on his friend's soul mate, even if his friend is imaginary.
2- my soul is already knit to another.