Monday, May 19, 2008

The Year of Timpanogos: April

A couple of months back, while looking out a window at work, I noticed a trail running up the foothills of Timpanogos above Grove Creek. From the office it looks something like this:

So, I decided that as part of the Year of Timpanogos festivities, I'd like to see where that trail went. I did a little looking on Google Earth and then set out to find it on my bike.

The initial plan was to ride from Bridal Veil Falls, around the front side of Timp along the Bonneville Shoreline trail and then up the trail I had seen. But after breaking my chain a few minutes into the ride, noticing another bad link while I was fixing it and losing a couple of degrees from my core body temperature to the wind that was howling down the Provo Canyon, I decided to drive around to Battle Creek Canyon and ride from there.

It was a beautiful, clear, crisp April morning. From the mouth of Grove Creek Canyon the trail began as an old jeep road with some good climbs. I saw a few campers, trail runners and a scout troop in the early going, but pretty soon I had the place to myself.

The top portion of the trail is a winding, narrow single track through gamble oak, generally smooth, but with enough rocks to keep it interesting, climbing to about 6,600 feet and ending, as far as I could tell, by narrowing to a deer trail. Perfect.

You'll find a few pictures from the trip here.

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mary said...

I don't think anyone except you -- or maybe someone still in high school -- would describe you as "middle aged." As much as you aspire to old age, you flatter yourself.