Sunday, May 17, 2009

On the 051

A few weeks ago, during a lunch break from work, I went for a hike in the foothills above Orem on a trail numbered 051. Snow still covered parts of the trail, but the early signs of spring were all around. It struck me, as it sometimes does, how great it is to live on the Wasatch Front and how often I take it for granted.

As I walked, the idea had time to bounce around in my head until it worked itself into a hair-brained scheme for starting a blog about living on, playing in and just enjoying the Wasatch. The plan, if you can call it that, included brilliant ideas for community participation, activities, a simple and effective revenue model and so much more. I even came up with a word (well, sort of a word--"Wasatching") for it, that I thought I could use as a title for the blog.

Eventually I returned to reality. I realize that I already have a blog and I don't have time for this one, so I've scaled back my vision: Try to post to this blog occasionally...and perhaps label a few posts Wasatching.

I don't have any pictures from that day, but I do have a few from the 051. These are from another part of the trail, a day or two before the hair-brained hike:

And these are from a recent trip to the very section of the 051 where the hair-brained idea first came to me:


Zina said...

I'm glad your brain has hair!

Also, if anybody could make a Wasatching blog community work, it would be you. (In all that free time, I know.)

marymary said...

I think I could give you one night every other week.

Bob said...

Zina, I considered heirbrained, but it seemed a bit pompous and harebrained is so pedestrian. Hair-brained (with the hyphen of course, to avoid confusion with the Scottish spelling) struck the right balance and, for me, conjured an image of my brain in a petri dish, covered in a lovely rainbow of mold.

Marymary, if you have an open night every other week, how come you keep saying you're busy when I ask you on a date?